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In 1984,Mr. Pan Shuchang rented and managed a carriage screws processing factory in Panjia Village, Tushan Town, with asset of less than  RMB30,000. On December of the same year, he rented LPG cylinder manufacturing equipments from an enterprise in Weifang City, that's the first enterprise of Huanri group------Ye County Gas Appliance Factory. Trial production of  LPG cylinder succeeded on July 1985, on October the factory cooperated with Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing Company and got the right to use "Weijian" trademark, some specialists and technicians from this company also came to work for the factory.
In 1986, the factory passed LPG cylinder qualification check, and in 1992 it began to use its  registered trademark "Huanri" for its cylinders. Huanri cylinders were announced as "Recommended Product" by the National Ministry of Construction. Since 2001, Huanri cylinders have been exported to Australia and seven countries of Middle East, the annual export quantity which is the largest is 1.3 million pieces with 20 million US dollars of export earnings.
In the long term business practice, Mr. Pan Shuchang constantly sums up experience, keeps pace with The Times, improves the quality and level of management and decision-making, his management concept of "Credit ---the foundation, giving profits to the others, and systematic innovation" , is praised by economic specialists.
His management concept has made the enterprise remain high efficiency, high quality operating momentum and strong competitive power. Huanri has quickly become the large town enterprise group.He can easily recognize people for their worth and put them at suitable posts.Mr. Pan has established a team which understands business and bear hardships cadres to ensure the efficient production and good benefit. His scientific decision and investment has enabled the enterprise to expand rapidly, at the same times keep the creditor's rights and reasonable structure, enhance the ability of the risk resistance.
In 2003, Huanri cylinder factory has become the biggest cylinder manufacturer in production and export scale in China. The key steps in production and inspection are all done by equipments and instruments with international leading level .Procedure conversion was done manually before, it is done by flow line now. Labor intensity is greatly reduced, production efficiency and quality is greatly improved. Product category is changed from one model of 15kg to over 20 models within 1.5kg -50kg.  Huanri has also developed air tanks for the US market.
The annual capacity is increased to 2 million pieces from 30,000 pieces. In the recent 10 years, the annual capacity has been increased to be 4 million pieces through continuous technical innovation and transformation.
The successful management of cylinder factory has completed initial accumulation for the enterprise and created conditions to establish Huanri Group, and provided supports for the continuous development of the group.
 Many new products are developed, brass factory, stainless steel factory and auto parts factory were set up successively. In 1994, Shandong Huanri Group Co., Ltd was successfully established, annexed Shandong Xiongying Rubber Factory in 1996, and Huanri Group was authorized to be China Huanri Group by the Ministry of Agriculture on October the same year.
In 1996, Huanri Group got the import and export right, annexed Laizhou Radio Components Factory in 1998. And in 2002, Huanri Group was approved by the Ministry of Commerce to register "Shandong Huanri IMP. & EXP. Trading Co., Ltd" with 10 million RMB yuan in 2002. Thus the enterprise has been stretched to foreign trade field from production type, its business scope has been extended.
Shandong Xiongying Rubber Factory which was annexed by Huanri has been built into Shandong Hawk International Rubber Industrial Co.,LTD.,with assets of over 1 billion RMB Yuan. And the annual capacity has been increased to 1 million sets tyres from 70,000 sets at the very beginning. Engineering tyres with maximum diameter of 4M has been successfully developed by the company itself, the production technology and capability of this product is among the top of tyre industry within the domestic market.
The brass factory and stainless steel factory have become well-known valve & fittings manufacturer in the domestic market, producing over 800 models of products. Recently these 2 factories has annually exported 3 million pieces of valves and fittings to Germany, Italy, Thailand, etc. Shandong Huanri IMP. & EXP. Trading Co., Ltd. also enjoys good reputation in the foreign trade enterprise in China.
When Huanri Group took shape in 1992, Mr. Pan Shuchang proposed development concept of  "Getting rich by industry, guaranteeing by agriculture, developing by qualified personnel, following moral rules" and put into effect.
 "Getting rich by industry" is to intensify of the development effort and expand employment opportunities, that means to connect the development of the enterprise with enriching of the people in the community. At present Huanri Group has 6 branch companies, 1.8 billion RMB yuan fixed assets. In 2011 it completed 2.51 billion yuan of sales income , export earnings of 101 million US dollars,  tax turnover of  132 million RMB yuan, creating nearly 4000 job opportunities for the community.
"Guaranteeing by agriculture"------Ensure basic needs of the employees' family life according to the special environment of rural enterprise , in 1992 5 million yuan was invested to set up Panjia Village Farm, liberating the farmers from the heavy agricultural production to engage in industrial operation. And the agricultural output was increased by mechanical management, the employees could each "Commodity grain".
"Developing by qualified personnel" ------Invite professional and train personnel to develop new products, guarantee product quality, and make sure the enterprise to keep prosperous all the time.
 "Following moral rules"------Keep on traditional moral education and education of policies & regulations towards the employees; honor credibility, dedication, unity and devotion; try to make the employee to be a good person and be useful to the society to guarantee that the employees and the enterprise to develop harmoniously.
 The presentation and implementation of these principles has made Huanri Group to move towards sustainable development direction, and it has made the surrounding community to be always in advanced level at "Buidling Harmonious Society" activities.
Besides the development of the enterprise, president Pan Shuchang emphasizes contribution to the society and social benefit. He has won the support of the masses and a lot of honors. He has earned : "Excellent Farmer Entrepreneur in Shandong Province", " Labor Model in Shandong Province", " Collaborative Advanced Individual in Shandong Province",    " A Leader of Private Economy and Practicing the Scientific Development View in Shandong Province", etc. And he was elected to the 9th, 10th  and 11th representative of the People's Congress in Shandong Province.

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