Board of directors

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Huanri Group TOP TEAM 
Committee membership:
President:       Mr. Pan Shuchang          President, in charge of manpower and enterprise’s finance
vice president:       Mr. Pan Zhiqiang          Vice president, in charge of Shandong Huanri Group Co.,Ltd.
vice president:       Mr. Yuan Xiujie          Vice president, in charge of Shandong Hawk
vice president:       Ms. Jiao Hong              Vice president, in charge of international project development and lmp.& Exp. Trading Co.
financial director:   Mr. Sun Shusuo

CFO Leadership is enterprise’s machine, life line and soul, it directs enterprise’s developing direction. Each member of Huanri leadership is outstanding in the same line, they all take charge of their duties and exert their ability and wisdom to lead Huanri people advancing and developing.

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