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LPG cylinder placement standards

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LPG cylinders are cited in accordance with DB11/T 450-2007 "Safety Management Requirements for the use of bottled LPG in catering Enterprises".

LPG cylinders In accordance with Clause 5.2.1, where the total weight of the cylinders exceeds 1000kg, a separate LPG cylinder room shall be provided. The position between the cylinders should be flat and not easy to gather liquefied petroleum gas. The fire resistance rating of the building between the gas cylinders should not be lower than the requirements of GB 50016-2006, and be separated from the application firewall of the adjacent building.

LPG cylinders According to Clause 5.2.2: The height between the cylinders shall not be less than 2.2m, the ground shall be level and shall be elevated above the outdoor floor.

LPG cylinders In accordance with Article 5.2.3: The material of the floor between the cylinders shall be non-sparking material.

LPG cylinders According to Article 5.2.4: Doors and Windows between cylinders shall be opened outwards. There shall be no door, window or hole connecting the gas cylinder room with the kitchen.

Liquefied petroleum gas cylinders According to Article 5.2.5: When natural ventilation is used between gas cylinders, two ventilation shutters shall be provided, and the ventilation area per square meter of the gas cylinder room shall not be less than 300cm². The vent should be connected with the outdoor atmosphere, and the distance between the lower edge of the vent and the indoor floor should be less than 0.2m.

LPG cylinders According to Article 5.2.6: There shall be no heating ducts, floor drains or other underground structures in the cylinders.

LPG cylinders According to Article 5.2.7: The temperature between the cylinders shall not exceed 45 ° C and shall not be lower than 0 ° C.

Liquefied petroleum gas cylinders in accordance with Article 5.2.8: When the total volume of the cylinders in the cylinder room is less than 1m³, it may be installed in a single-story dedicated room enclosed by the external wall of a building (except residential, important public buildings and high-rise civil buildings).

LPG cylinders According to Article 5.2.9: The storage of gas cylinders shall be located near the external wall of the building, and the fire distance from the building and the podium shall not be less than 10m. Use and spare cylinders should be placed separately or separated by a firewall. Obvious safety warning signs should be set up in the bottle store.



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