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How to correctly deal with liquefied gas cylinder leakage

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Liquefied gas is corrosive, in the long-term use of the process will make the bottle body rust, if the liquefied gas bottle produced honeycomb wall, inflated pressure is too large or improper use of residents easy to explode, sometimes in the use of liquefied gas cylinders will encounter leakage phenomenon, how to correctly deal with cylinder leakage?

1. When air leakage is found, do not panic and quickly close the cylinder corner valve. Open doors and Windows quickly and maintain good ventilation to allow the LPG to disperse outside.

2, it is strictly prohibited to switch any electrical appliances and use indoor telephones, extinguish all open flames, and call the air supply unit professionals to deal with it outdoors.

3, find the neighbor's liquefied petroleum gas leak, should knock on the door notice, do not use the doorbell.

Liquefied gas bottle is a steel pressure vessel, in the transportation and use of the process of external wall collision, resulting in mechanical damage, some users, the gas cylinder and coal furnace in the same room to use, but also accelerate the external corrosion of the bottle, the liquefied gas in the bottle, especially the residual liquid also has a certain corrosion effect on the bottle wall, long-term rust, corrosion, will make the bottle wall thin, so it must be regularly tested according to national regulations.



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