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Causes of frosting in propane cylinders

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Propane is widely accepted by the public because of its clean, smoke-free, and more convenient when using a series of characteristics. Most of the common propane packaging is propane cylinders. And it will appear in the use of frost phenomenon, it is caused by what?

1, when the fire is burning, the liquefied gas gas consumption is fast, the pressure is also rapidly reduced, and because of the characteristics of saturated steam pressure, the liquid in the cylinder also needs to be quickly vaporized to make up for the loss of pressure.

2, the liquid gasification in the cylinder needs to rely on the cylinder itself to absorb heat from the outside world to meet the rigid requirements of gasification heat absorption, but because the fierce fire burning too fast, resulting in too fast gasification, the heat absorbed by the cylinder wall can not meet the heat requirements, it began to absorb the heat of the liquid, the liquid heat is absorbed away, the result is that the liquid temperature in the cylinder drops.

3, the liquid temperature in the cylinder drops, and the cylinder is a conductor, resulting in a decrease in the temperature of the cylinder.

4, the temperature of water vapor in the air is high, the temperature of the cylinder is low, and the high-temperature water vapor meets the low-temperature cylinder, which liquefied into water droplets condensing on the surface of the cylinder, that is, the cylinder frosted (the same principle as the fog of glasses).

5, the liquid continues to vaporize, continue to absorb heat, the temperature continues to reduce, reduce to below zero, mist droplets become white frost.

If the propane cylinder is frosted, it is because the liquid inside the cylinder vaporizes and absorbs heat, resulting in a decrease in the temperature of the cylinder, and the high-temperature water vapor outside encounters the low-temperature cylinder and condenses into water droplets, which further leads to frost.



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