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Prevent trouble Before it burns? Remember the safe use of bottled LPG

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Bottled liquefied petroleum gas as a clean and efficient energy, to the majority of users to bring convenience at the same time, but also has flammable, explosive characteristics, once illegal use, easy to occur gas safety accidents, to the user's life and property and family to bring huge losses.

In order to prevent and reduce gas safety accidents and protect people's lives, property safety and public safety, at the press conference of the "Yantai City Bottled Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety Management Measures" held by the Yantai Municipal Government Information Office on the 27th, Wang Guangzu, secretary of the Party Group and director of the Yantai City Urban Administration Bureau, stressed that the majority of users should keep in mind the knowledge of the safe use of bottled liquefied petroleum gas.

First, scientific and compliant use. When you buy bottled liquefied gas, you must buy the gas sold by the enterprise with the gas operation license, and sign the gas supply contract with the gas supply enterprise to protect your legitimate rights and interests.

Second, home users generally store a liquefied gas cylinder is appropriate, can not put the cylinder in the open sun exposure, can not be placed in the rain, wet and other places.

Third, when in use, the personnel must not leave, to prevent the fire from being blown out by the wind or due to food, water overflow caused by the fire caused by gas leakage, must be done.

Fourth, it is found that the stove burning abnormal or connected hose, interface leakage or fall off, to immediately close the cylinder valve, while ventilation, personnel leave.



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